Centers on a meditation practice created by Michel Pascal. For over a decade, Michel has quietly helped many thousands to calm their minds with great success. His method skillfully blends ancient practices and wisdom with profound music, efficiently and effectively harmonizing the energy of the stressed individual. Unlike western meditation, it requires no effort and is practiced within the stressful environment, reprogramming the brain and redefining difficult situations.

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We believe in the power of calming the mind, and we're excited to incorporate meditations throughout our shows.
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Do you find it difficult to meditate?
Join Michel Pascal on a transformative journey as he unveils the evolution of meditation. In his groundbreaking course, inspired by his acclaimed book "Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being," Michel guides those who believe meditation isn't for them to understand the profound significance of integrating meditation into our daily lives.

Our Vision

To fund and establish OMMM platforms, providing universal access to practical tools to calm the mind. We aim to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and actively contribute to a more peaceful and connected global community.

Our Mission

To create a community where we offer a unique and evolved approach to wellness, helping individuals from all walks of life calm their mind, reduce stress, and nurture inner peace in their daily lives. We will do this through accessible multimedia content, live events, and immersive experiences, combining ancient practices and wisdom with the transformative power of music. Ultimately, our mission is to provide this "medicine" gratis to anyone in need.
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We are dedicated to calming the mind through music, meditation, wellness content, and immersive experiences.